101 in 1001

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Tuesday, September 29, 2015
  1. Take two fashion design classes (0/2)
  2. Sew two articles of clothing (0/2)
  3. Redesign my blog
  4. Create a logo for my blog (4-2-2013)
  5. Buy Magic Hair Company
  6. Have SketchStreet make one of my designs  (they closed =[ )
  7. Do two guest posts (0/2)
  8. Discover two new awesome wines (2/2) [Saracco 2012 Moscato D’asti | Hirschbach &Sohne Mosel Piesporter Michelsberg Riesling Auslese]
  9. Get a MAC Book
  10. Get both dogs fixed (0/2)
  11. Finish recipe scrapbook
  12. Raise my credit score
  13. Take a Zumba class
  14. Publish a fiction novel
  15. Get a scholarship
  16. Get fin aid back
  17. Admission to CNA program (4-9-2013)
  18. Get into A&P for the summer
  19. Complete all decoration/ organization projects (0/15)
  20. Put 3k in savings
  21. Break 3 habits (1/3) (3-2013)
  22. Go through my closet and donate all the things I never wear
  23. Upgrade to a Galaxy S III (2-14-2013)
  24. Send out Christmas cards  one year
  25. Buy a new computer (preferably Apple)
  26. Go to 3 music concerts (1/3)
  27. Attend 2 Broadway Shows (0/2)
  28. Start working at a hospital
  29. Interview 5 Neonatal Nurses (0/5)
  30. Shadow a Neonatal Nurse
  31. Buy a new lens for my DSLR
  32. Create Business Cards for myself
  33. Sort through the pictures on my laptop and throw away unwanted ones
  34. Participate in 3 5k races (0/3)
  35. Sort through all the music on my laptop and throw away unwanted ones
  36. Buy the perfect Little Black Dress
  37. Take a photography class
  38. No junk food for one month
  39. Go to Vegas or Disney World
  40. Star 3 new (good) habits (0/3)
  41. Go through Dave’s clothes and donate what he doesn’t want
  42. Buy a DVD case
  43. Go through CDs and give to Goodwill or throw away
  44. Buy porch chairs and a table 
  45. Hire my mom a cleaning service and an organizing service for the house
  46. Buy Dave those cool winter gloves
  47. submit 10 sketches to SketchStreet (0/10) [closed]
  48. Invest in a Michael Kor watch
  49. Go to church every Sunday for two months (2/8)
  50. Reconnect with family
  51. Run at least one 5k race in 20 minutes
  52. Buy my friends and family Christmas presents
  53. Invest in a pair of  Ugg Boots
  54. Get a new wallet
  55. Get all printables for organizing binder  (1-9-2013)
  56. Buy more towels for the dogs and the bathroom pantry
  57. Stock the house with supplies for guests
  58. Buy a new night stand 
  59. Get a gym membership
  60. Buy Dave 3 new pairs of shoes (2/3)
  61. Buy all items from my Must-Have pieces post (0/20)
  62. Receive horseback riding lessons
  63. Get all X-Mas presents on Black Friday or on Cyber-Monday
  64. Find the perfect church for Dave and I
  65. Drop into a size 6 (pant size)
  66. Create binders to organize all of my information
  67. Get into and start a nursing program
  68. Get rid of my credit card when I find a better one (don’t judge me)
  69. Have Miss Goldie Locks over for Christmas for one year in MN
  70. Create a cleaning schedule that works
  71. Take swimming lessons with Goldie Locks
  72. Print and frame all those Captured Dreams Photography
  73. Become a member of RStyle and SheInside 
  74. Send out greeting cards to family on every holiday (0/7)
  75. Read one book a month for a whole year (0/12)
  76. Get an internship
  77. Start a page on my blog interviewing fellow African American bloggers (2-2013)
  78. Create a hair regimen that works for me (2-20-2013)
  79. Create a consistent blogging schedule
  80. Get my (BSN/RN) nursing degree
  81. Visit 5 Chicago Museums (0/5)
  82. Go to a Ballet Performance
  83. Get a facial
  84. Visit the Zoo with Goldie Locks
  85. Go to bed with no emails in my mailbox (1-9-2013)
  86. Create and buy a  domain for my blog (2-2013)
  87. Setup an email account for my blog (2-2013)
  88. Invest in Photoshop and learn how to use it
  89. Unsubscribe to all unwanted emails
  90. Create a Facebook Fan Page for my blog (2-2013)
  91. Read all the books I currently own, but haven’t read
  92. Complete the whole Insanity workout
  93. Stay at the Champagne Lounge for one weekend
  94. Go to a Spa
  95. Fontifier  my own handwriting
  96. Participate in the No Spend Month Challenge
  97. No soda for 6 months (0/6)
  98. Go to a Bears or Bulls Game
  99. Start an Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years tradition.
  100. Go to Times Square for the NYE ball drop
  101. Sell designed clothing at ASOS Marketplace

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