The Exceptional Ebony Encounters | {Adrianne George Lind}

Sometimes the best lessons in life are observed and learned through others. Which is why I decided to start an interview series called The Exceptional Ebony Encounters.
For my first interview I had the pleasure of interviewing a very exceptional woman, The 2012 Maisha Entrepreneur of The Year Winner, Adrianne George Lind. Adrianne is founder and co-founder of in total six websites.Her award winning blog is called Black Women in Europe, where you can find empowering and captivating  posts about black women…most especially black women in Europe.

Ladies, reach for your pen and paper and get ready to take some notes!



Two words that would describe who you
Truly blessed. 
Who would you say are the main three
people that have made the biggest impact in your life?
My mother (who I adore
and admire. She is a PhD ethnomusicologist, has played the organ at the church
I grew up in since before I was born, has always been my biggest fan, but also
made sure to lay on the discipline), my maternal grandmother (she was extremely
beautiful inside and out, only wore two styles of shoes: slippers inside the
house and pointy toe high heels outside of the house, cooked three delicious
meals a day, every day and was a dynamic public speaker), and my first husband
(he taught me to be independent, resilient, and helped me see that I can decide
what makes me happy or not).
How did you decide that
entrepreneurship was what you wanted to do as a career?
That decision was born
out of necessity. You have to make a way where there is no other way,
especially in a foreign country. So things came together for the good of my
talents and a vision was born. 
What are the most exciting and
glamorous part of being an entrepreneur?
I don’t know if you
would consider this exciting but it does get your heart pumping: getting a new
contract and closing out your books in the black. My glamour moments come in my
private life and thanks for reminding me that I need to have more glamour more
What are your career goals for your
future and your blog?
I would love to spin a
TV show off of my Black Women in Europe Blog and I would love to help more
black women entrepreneurs with their Internet presence. 
When juggling between your career,
your blog and your personal life what would you say is toughest in keeping
everything balanced?
I spend too much time
on the Internet!  
What does a typical day in the life
 Adrianne look like?
I press fresh juice in
the morning, I check emails, I respond to clients’ needs,  I read the New
York Times and the UK’s Guardian online. And then I work on my to-do list. If
I’m lucky I have lunch with a friend or a social organization once a month. I
make sure to cook something delicious for dinner with the hubby.
What are a few common mistakes that
young African American women make when choosing a career and lifestyle?
I’m not sure if young
African American career women are different from others but we need to dream
big, get the education/training to grow big, take the tough assignments at
work, have mentors, join professional organizations, network and venture out of
the African American community when it comes to mentors, etc. 
What would you tell your 22 year old
Dress like your boss
or like the person who has the job you want. Ask them about their career path
and take steps to emulate it. 
What do you hope to convey to your
blog audience?
The endless
possibility of who and what you can become simply by peering into the lives of
other women who are doing amazing things in situations just like yours.
Who would you ladies like to read in an interview?

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