2013 Chicago Auto Show

This year Dave and I took my siblings with us to the AutoShow.
This year was a big rush though, we had a time restraint and had time obligations that we agreed to.
Really all we did was go on the Jeep testing course and saw about 1/4 of what was actually there. -__-
I was good to have the family together!

There were so many people there! Large crowds are not one of my favorite places.

The Interceptor looked sleek. I want one for myself actually.
I’m not even sure what kind of truck this is.

Dave examining the truck and little sister and little brother posing.

Dave rushed us through the crowd to have a look at his dream truck (The Ford Atlas). You could have sworn there was a fire by how fast he was walking! lol

Collage of pictures from the Chicago Auto-Show

Tons of fun, although it was my second time at the Auto Show I am excited to see what the next Show has for display.

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