Erykah Badu Headwrap

In my last Style Profile I posted about Erykah Badu.
I searched and pried through Youtube for tutorials on Erykah’s head wrap and I found some good videos!
I’m thinking about hitting up Hobby Lobby or the Joann Fabric store right about now. I want to stock up on a few fabrics for my hair.

I did another big chop and I would like to be more confident in sporting my new look. I feel as though accessories would definitely play up my new hair-do.

Below are a few cool videos to check out:

Oh and using a head wrap is very good when trying to protect your hair in the winter time 😉

Other ways to wear pretty fabrics with your natural hair…or your relaxed hair.

That should be enough to hold your Youtube fancy for a while….as well as my fancy! ^_^

I did a wrap myself! I’m feeling it! lol.

You know when you finally understand something or you buy something new and you wear it out?! Well that’s me and my new found style wrap! I need to find something new before I wear this style out!!!


2 thoughts on “Erykah Badu Headwrap

    • There are two that I think work really well for me!
      1.) Ankara Fabric || [look it up on Google]=) I’m unsure how to describe the fabric. It is stiff and this allows the fabric to stay put!
      2.) Fashion Scarves || You can buy these kinds at any clothing store

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