Intercultural & Interracial Relationships

I am a Nigerian-American woman that was brought up on straight American-Nigerian culture. I am
Nigerian-American for a reason. I was born in America and my parents are
Nigerian. Which means both cultures are simultaneously intertwined in my mannerisms.
I’m like a red, white, blue and a green, white, green
smoothie. I can’t help that and honestly I love it just as is! Hell I can claim
both sides and love both sides EQUALLY, and I have no shame saying or showing
pride in both.
I don’t think my parents, along with others parents that gave to children in America grab hold of this concept very well. The thing that irritates me the most about it is when I am told that I should
marry a Nigerian or a Nigerian-American.
I don’t understand why I should single ANY one race, culture
or ethnicity out from the rest. If I find love in a white man, then so be it!
If I do find a Nigerian man then so be it! In my case I found a white man that treats me the very way I want to be treated. 

I find when I hear about my very own cousins or family
showing antagonism or hostility towards me and my choice to be with Dave. I cannot decipher why, when they themselves were born in America. I understand that the culture and morals differ between the two. However, if you are having problems finding a significant other that shares the same morals as you, then you are looking in the wrong place PERIOD!

Their whys and wherefores consist of: “I would like someone I can share my culture with, to understand my jokes, to go Nigerian events with me and to speak with me in my language.” ….etc.

Number one, you are Nigerian-American. Like I stated above both cultures (Nigerian and American) are intertwined in your mannerisms.

Number two, the problem is not in the race and, or ethnicity.  If your reason for marrying a Nigerian is because you want to share jokes, then you have the very WRONG idea of what love is. Go find a Nigerian friend to share jokes with. I mean SERIOUSLY…if you are worried marrying someone who is not Nigerian will inhibit you from sharing jokes together then you have a real problem….especially if you were born in America and are claiming this idea as a suitable reason for marrying a Nigerian.

Number three, you were born in America, therefore you have American tendencies please do not try to turn your back on the fact that you are Nigerian-American.

Why not seize the chance to spread the Nigerian culture. Why must we keep our culture to ourselves? I want to enrich others with the rich culture that Nigeria has to offer? Let’s not be so close minded.


That is just my thought! Share with me what you guys think.

By the way look at these beautiful couples! I love it!


5 thoughts on “Intercultural & Interracial Relationships

  1. I understand and i married a Ghanaian and felt that my family and friends felt some type of way. Many expressed to me that he wasnt like “regular”blacks. Which was funny because what is regular?

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