Making Priorities Your Priority

Rank Your Priorities | There is no way you will accomplish deadlines if you don’t have a “batting” order. You have to know what is high priority and what is low priority. This concept is key in getting things done…in a timely manner if course.
In my case, I love blogging and I enjoy it so much that I tend to put most of my day towards constructing posts. This is why I have had to throttle back, re-evaluate and revamp my daily routine. Priority number one is to get my school work done first and foremost! College is always on my the top of  my priority list. Another priority that many people confuse is the comprise between shopping and paying bills! Now ladies, if you are getting paid Friday and your credit card bill is due Monday please pay that bill. Do not tell yourself that it is okay to push your bill back another week so you can go shopping. I’m speaking from experience! It is never a pretty situation when you are kicking your bills out the window to make room for some shoes and a new wardrobe.

Make A Schedule | I have to write down everything and create lists to visually digest what I have going on during the months and weeks to come. This is my way of scheduling everything!

 This bad boy here is The Erin Condren Life Planner (the title says it all). It helps to plan out my life!! Month by Month. Week by Week.

I put these bad a** documents  in three separate binders for scheduling what needs to get done! I love it! Visit Sarah White’s Esty Shop to get your hands on these lovely print outs.
Without these tools my brain would be like a tornado…if it already isn’t a tornado!

Learn To Say No | I think that saying no is at times a hard task for me. Especially when it comes to dealing with my family. I also feel that it is my obligation as the first born. However, by saying yes I am only procrastinating with the plans I have already made. Although I am still perfecting how to say no I have found a positive and polite way to turn others down.
Harmoniously, the above point fits directly with this point. By telling that someone you need to check your schedule and will get back to them you are allowing yourself to remove yourself from the pressures of saying yes. You can then get back with a genuine answer that fits your schedule.

Prep For The Week In Advanced |  I know from reading my syllabus that an exam is scheduled for the week. I can either give a fraction of my attention to studying and a fraction of my time to blogging. In the end, doing so will only inhibit my chances of scoring high on my exam. To avoid having to divide up both, I try to schedule posts in advance. If your paper is due tonight, I don’t think going to the gym is your solution. Workout after you submit the paper. In your planner take the time to write “workout after paper is finished.” For me, this is how I motivate and push myself into finishing tasks.

Overall, make sure you know what weighs heavy on your to-do-list and know the consequences when procrastinating on certain tasks.


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