Motivational Monday (OLD: 12|2|2012)

Come on ladies!
When is the last time you got off the couch and off your laptop to do a workout?
While I was typing my last post I remembered how awesome I was at incorporating 2-3 workouts a day into my schedule. Basically I was all about homework, work,  and working out. Seriously, and I had it down to the tee.
Like I said before you go through things in your life that alter your routines and when that happens we can’t sulk (for a year and a half, like me).
So my goal this week is to slowly incorporate a workout once a day in the morning.
Walking, yoga, dancing (zumba), lifting, swimming, anything!!!!
To sort of motivate me into getting my gears going I have put together a motivation collage =)
Back in the groove

By the way I use to do a 2 mile jog/run in 13 minutes! Man, I was good (for me) and I want to get back to doing that.
I see these runners that blog and I get so motivated and envious when I read about how awesome and fit they are! But what I need to do is aspire not envy!


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