Motivational Monday (OLD: 4|1|2013)

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! 
I’ve been gone! …obviously.
Let me tell you! I had all the intentions of making post after post during my Spring Break
However, my laptop (new laptop) decided to s*** on me! 
If you guys could feel my fiery…you’d no longer have eyebrows! They’d be singed off. 
That is how hot and angry I was. 
Seriously?…seriously. *insert side-eye*
Okay I’m rambling here and I don’t want to do that because I have a chemistry study guide that I now must complete. =/
For me, I have been bummed out because of said issues form above and other dwelling topics and issues that have been heavy on my heart and are still  heavy on my heart.
I was also in the middle of typing out this post on how I felt about family and marriage
Damn technology! Sometimes you can not count on them! 
So now I am working on re-typing it up. 
But you know how when you first type up a paper, post or whatever project you are working on and you have to start all over for some reason and you just can’t seem to join or stitch back the pieces with the same finesse as the first time! 
Well, that’s how I feel right now!

By the way, the Moose is kind of somber….don’t mind him. lol.
I’ll catch you guys later! Have an AWESOME Monday.


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