Motivational Monday (OLD: 5|13|2013)

I’m trying here, I’m trying to keep up with everything. My classes have picked up recently…well for the last few months.

My acne have reverted to its pubescent ways, in essence, my body hates stress. I hate it too.

There is this one class I’m taking that has become a pain in my a**.

You know that one class where you study and you study, then you get the results back and you’re like….uhm professor I think you gave me someone else’s test back…..
…the professor is like, no that’s yours…    -__-

That s**t discourages the hell out of me.

I found these GIFs over on Tumblr. I find them to be incredibly hilarious!

Watching all of my As turn into Bs…

Having a few too many Bs on my transcript….

I love the tumblr blog #totalpremedmove too too FUNNNNY!

Going through her Tumblr cheers me the hell up!!
(especially if you are planning on going into the health care field).

Cheer Up guys STAY ON IT!
Another week will bite the dust.



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