Style Profile: Rihanna

I have been overly obsessed with Rihanna, to the point where I just had to do a post on her.
She is gorgeous! Stunning!

Okay, I’m inserting my opinion here and let it be known that I feel as though Karrueche and Rihanna are both beautiful women, but Rihanna is all an around 10.

sorry…my opinion.
ZzBQ59 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Let me know who you like better, Karrueche or Rihanna.

Here are some “RiRi” street style outfits, bright colors and denim as usual. ^_^
I’m thinkin’ that Rihanna loves denim. I found a bunch of pictures of her in denim. Denim shorts, denim skirts, denim jackets and some chambray. 
Rihanna sports a ton of colors, color blocking (something I wish I could pull off) look really cute on her.
I definitely use her for outfit inspiration.


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