The Exceptional Ebony Encounters: Yolanda Gruneswald

Today I am posting a new interview that I have done with a fellow blogger. I just love your blog! It has tutorials in an abundance of categories. Most of all her makeup tutorials are to die for!

 La Colors EP42 Wildflowers Palette EOTD
[click on the image and it will take you to that specific tutorial]

I felt that my discovery upon this blog should not go unheard of or untold.

I give you Yolanda, the creator of Pink and Leopard Prints.

Two words that would describe who you are?
Determined and different
Who would you say are the main three people that have made the
biggest impact in your life?
My Granny, boyfriend and my siblings
How did you decide upon starting a blog?
I’ve blogged on and off since 2007, but I decided to start my blog
on blogger a year or so after moving to the UK and discovering the world of UK
beauty blogs.
What is the most exciting and glamorous part of blogging, in your opinion?
The most exciting thing for me is when someone has found my post
helpful- saying they re created a makeup post or tried out a DIY I shared.
What are your career goals for your future and your blog?
I want to keep blogging for as long as possible, I will go to a University this year studying Cosmetic Science. In the future I would be
interested in working on a hair care brand. I think my blog is a great place to
possibly share that. 
When juggling between your career, your blog and your personal
life what would you say is toughest in keeping everything balanced?
The one thing that is tough for me is getting stressed when I
don’t have time to update my blog. To prevent that I try to schedule posts when
I don’t have time.
What does a typical day in the life of Yolanda look like? 
Whatever I do, I make sure I also watch online TV. I watch way too much online
What are a few common mistakes that young black women make
when choosing a career and lifestyle?
I don’t know about black women specifically, but I do know that some women do not take the time to think about what University they want to go to, and
rush into attending one that isn’t relevant to the career they want to be in.
What do
you hope to convey to your blog audience?
spend crazy amounts on Cosmetics or hair care. Be aware of the ingredients your
using in you’re body and hair care products.


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