Time to Breathe

Hey everyone, I am resurfacing from my dark cave to catch a breath of air. Oh yes, and my form has become decrepit and dusty.

Oh man, oh man summer semester is no joke this year. I took on a full course load and it is killing me! Yikes!

These last two semesters have been killer, and I’m telling you it feels like I’m alone (done here in my dark cave). Are none of you guys feeling the same? I read so many blogs, take it that I have been on both blogging and blog reading hiatus, but I have been peeking in occasionally. Yet, I have read NO real struggle of an college student. Everyone is soooo dandy. As if college is a walk in the park! Ha! I beg to differ, and I beg for a breath of fresh air with some advil and water….and some good night sleep.

VoxBox has been sending me boxes and I have not even started blogging my reviews on them.
I’m cramming and I’m cramming BAD this Summer.

Bare with me guys I’m still here, but in the mean time play some candy crush. hehe.



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