What I’m Loving: Sweetheart VoxBox 2013 (II)

Today I’m posting my review on another item that I received from my 2013 Sweetheart VoxBox.
After this I will have two more installments!

As for now, I am here to share with you guys my experience with the Va-Va-Vivid Olay Fresh Effects!
Since I have a Neutrogena Wave (which I bought for myself) and an Olay Fresh Effect I’ll compare the two of them.
Neutrogena Wave Vibrating Power-Cleanser
Both products are awesome and I will keep both of them, but I when I run out of cleansing pads I probably won’t buy anymore of them. The Olay Fresh Effects has a triangle head that is detachable. I am not sure if it’s meant to be disposable or not.
The triangular shape of the head allows you to reach the creases around your nose.
I also found that the brush exfoliates better than the Wave did. The Wave had cleansing pads that had exfoliating beads on them. On the other hand the Fresh Effects has a brush that I feel gives me a better after feeling.
The Wave is easier to clean once you are done using it, but because the Fresh Effects has bristles it is harder to thoroughly clean. 
As for the smell of the two, they both smell good. The Olay has a perfume like smell (if that even makes sense) and the Wave has a more familiar face/ facial cleanser smell (more the sweet side of scents).
I know what I’m giving out for Christmas!
Ding Ding Ding —> The Olay Fresh Effects
By the way if you guys would like an invitation to join Influenster email me or post a comment and I will send you one.

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