20 {Must-Have} Pieces for Your Closet {pt. 1}

20 musthave pieces

About a week ago I had to go to an event that required me to get all dolled up. However, I was panicking trying to get an outfit together instead of enjoying myself. 
Ugghhh! I forgot how stressful last minute shopping was. While I was rummaging through my closet (and the clothes I just bought) all I kept saying to myself was “I wish I already the clothes I needed…” or “I need more basic pieces…”
So as of now I’ve been cultivating individual basic necessities.
These basics can be matched and paired to make a great outfit for the office, or the night out on the town.

 2—>Fitted Button-Ups {at least one white}

Right now I own a baby blue and a pink and white pin-striped button-up. I have yet purchase a white one (which is key in the business world). Plus it will go with most things in your closet. 

2—> Pointed-Toe Heels {at least one black}
My black pair of pointed heels have done right by me. When I don’t know what to wear I grab those and go! You can wear them to class presentations, work, or when you go out to a party. Black pointed-toe heels are simple, chic  and go with many things in your closet. Trust me I know.
1—> Fitted Black Skirt
Or pencil skirt, either one or both is alright. I have yet to find a perfect pencil skirt, but I’m so on the search to find one.
2—> Slacks {one black}
This goes with anything, and I mean anything in your closet. Always have a pair of black bottoms handy in case of emergencies and to wear to work.
1—> Cropped slacks
For the summer a cropped (fitted) pair of slacks always does well with a nice top. I have a pair of high waist cropped pants and I grab the pair and go.
2—> Wrap Dresses {one black}

Wrap dresses fit around your waist and have an awesome way of accentuating ones figure in the loveliest of way! Buying a black one is even better. If you don’t own a “little black dress,” then this could be your little black dress.


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