Apres Ski

Lately, there has been some talk about Apres (insert European accent) Ski mostly from Allison V. and her Friday Fancy this upcoming Friday.
 I myself have never gone skiing, but one can dream can’t they?
 Apres (accent over the e) means after and Apres is when the skiing is done there is fun to be done!
Drinking and enjoying the company of your friends is an Apres Ski event to some and going out and clubbing for others.
When I see pictures of Apres Ski I usually see a lot of friends drinking and hanging out on couches. Every once in a while I see a few dashes of clubbing and party pictures!
However, if you read many description of Apres Ski you’ll find that it’s mainly about clubbing so of course in my world I visualize women getting super dolled up heels and all. 

Apres in my eyes is a bit glamorous then what it truly may be.

Apres according to Jen:

It is said that at Aspen Ski Resort you are really pampered here! They bring you breakfast and make you feel at home! 
Aspen sounds like that one place in my dreams  that I keep dreaming of!…oh wait that’s paradise!
If you are a novice at skiing Mt. Jackson Hole Ski Resort is probably not where you want to start! However, if you are advanced on the other hand you should definitely visit.  
It use to be that any old joe schmo would Telluride Ski Resort, but these days it looks like celebrities are the ones filling out this resort!
Maybe I’ll see Jason Statham, if then I’ll be packing my bags in….3.25 seconds! 
hehe ; ) ; )
A lot of college student visit these places during Spring Break since during the long hard semester we are normally swamped!
It’s a great way to relieve some stress, try something new and Apres Ski!!!
I would most likely consider going skiing over Spring Break! I’ve learned something new and now I soooo want try it out!! I’m excited now. 
I already have my Coldwave Jacket on deck! lol
Any who I think if I do go Aspen may be the place for me!
How about you guys, where would you go to Apres Ski? And have you gone skiing before?

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