I Said Burrr! It’s Cold in Here!!

The Windy City is not the place to fool around when it’s snowing outside!
However, I knew it would be smart to leave an extra scarf (that I had been looking for for weeks) and a pair of gloves (that I forgot I even had) in my car.
I got in my car all mad at the weather and then I look in the back seat and saw my gloves and scarf! You should of seen my face I was sooo happy to have misplaced them in my car!

Since the weather has been getting lower and lower, I feel like my winter wardrobe needs to become larger and larger.
So here are some of must-have items for keeping warm and staying stylish at the same time.
Staying stylish while it’s cold outside is my own little way of letting mother nature know she doesn’t own me….well maybe just a little! hehe!

Yes Corduroys! Do you remember when you were younger and your mom or dad put you in a pair of these bad boys? Well that’s because they kept you warm. 
I use to head out the door on my way to school and in my head I’d conjure up a way to tell my mom that never ever in a million years will I wear another pair of corduroys. 
Fast forward 15 years and I’m planning on making a quick corduroy run! 
 I really like the boot-cut ones! (very slimming).
Chunky sweaters…mmmm! lol.
You guys I enjoy comfort, but if you can find comfort and style you better believe I’m ob that bandwagon. Plus I get to wear my boots and leggings with them! (^_^)
The cowl neck sweaters has managed to creep its way back into trend. Just like those corduroys.
I love love loveee Fair Isle Prints. I don’t really think I could pull off the fair isle leggings, but I think they look so cute when I see them on other people. So I admire from afar. The mittens, hats, socks and cardigans are my favorites though!
At work I’ve eyed a particular faux fur vest for months and months. I really do like how they look. Its so chic, I love it! I always love the fur scarf. 
You can really find just about anything that is trendy with a bit of faux fur on it. 
My red puffer vest has done well by me this Winter so far and I really want to paint my closet with the rainbow and buy a puffer vest in every color! lol. Seriously, I put on my vest and then my coat and by the time I actually get seated in class I get so hot. Because I have my vest on I can take off my coat and remain warm during class.
I think Lace is just a timeless trend that should always linger in your closet. I have a lace sweater that I love. When it gets cold out I put a long sleeve shirt under and when it gets hot out I put a cami under it. The sweater in translucent there the lacing and bright colors really make the outfit pop!

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