It’s Just One of Those Weeks

You know those types of weeks!
The weeks where you just know the week is going to drag in anticipation for the weekend, or is going to go by in a haste due to your ever growing to-do-list.
Yeah those weeks.

I’m feeling like the energizer bunny right about now though.
A wise man once said, “You can sleep once your dead.” Let’s be honest who was he kidding!? I need my shut eye!!! lol.

Tomorrow I have work from 9AM to 9PM and I’m not to enthralled about it. Mainly because my classes are picking up and I want to focus all my time on studying, labs and homework….and blogging.

However, life is all about balance. Life is a balancing act and one must perfect the art of balance and along the road to achieving that equilibrium mistakes will be made.

For me, I’m realizing procrastination is not the way!!

It’s just one of those weeks that deserve one those types of weekends.

Just me, Dave and the cuddly girls! oh and my bottle of wine ; ) I can’t wait for Sunday Funday! Hopefully I make it till then! Best of luck to you girls during the week and I’ll see you all on the other side called Monday!

Ready Break!!!


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