Let’s Be Realistic Here

Let’s be realistic here!
As college students you want to throw on killer outfits that you sport in the dinner hall during dinner. Maybe even to class if you have enough time!
After a while, you begin to run out of things to put on and wear out the door.

Now that I look back, when I had two roommates I was notorious for boring Miss K’s clothing! Which I recommend trying to get out of that habit. Fish through your own clothing.

I’m sure you have a few plain black and white t-shirts, a few pairs of jeans (or leggings),  some sort of boots, a scarf and a sweater.
If not those are essential to have….because when it gets cold you may want to cover up that neck of yours.

During the day when I go to class I’ve learned to save my “nice” clothes for going out and work.

When I see girls dressed in fur vests and leather leggings and wedged heels, I cannot help but think that they were concentrating a bit too much on what they want to wear in morning and less about what chapters that are going to be covered in class.

I know for me, as a college student, I’m low on funds at the moments. So Walmart, Forever 21, Target or Old Navy are my best friends.
As for jeans, I found three bomb jeans for a total of $20.00.

Thrifting…I love you. You are realistic.

Care to Share: Staple basics anyone? What are yours?


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