Stop, Drop, & Organize [no.2: Resume and Cover Letter]

Stop, drop, and organize

We all know that our ability to speak or our lively personalities will not be the only factor getting us that job. In order to even get that interview an impressive resume must be in order. If you don’t know where to start you can see counselor or a school adviser. I sat down with the internship adviser at my school and she was very thorough with me.
Your resume is more like your first impression. You have to put yourself in an employer’s situation. If you have 100+ resumes to read how would you pry through all the applications and resumes? Most read some and some read most. (hehe). But seriously don’t assume that the employer will read the entire resume.
Did you know companies that receive a multitude of applications run a computer program that scans resumes for the same keywords they used in the job description. So when you write your cover letter use the same keywords that the company has used in the job description.

Resume and Cover Letter

Name and Contact Info
Include all your basic information and your blog or website as well. Make sure that before submitting your blog information you have all typos and errors cut out.
Right after you contact information include main highlights of your career so far. If you don’t have any yet just include highlights of jobs that you’ve worked while going to school.
Here is where you will type universities or colleges that you have attended. Also include the major that you were or are pursuing. It is also good to mention any workshops, semminars, or courses that you have taken that are related to your career.
Include keywords that were used in the job descriptions of the jobs you are interested in. If you don’t have any keywords off the top of your head do some searchin’ and find some words. When you do this do not go over-board when putting them in your resume.
Employment History
Begin with the most recent job position and then work your way down. Mention any accomplishments during each position. If you have none then do not include one for that job. It is important to showcase your skills, awards and achievements.
Professional Memberships and Interests
Mention all of your volunteer work, and hobbies. This is where you want to show the company that you are a well-rounded individual.


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