Stop, Drop, & Organize [no.4: Business Card & Grocery Bag]

Stop, drop, and organize

I’ve been looking and searching, searching and looking for somewhere to put all the business cards that aren’t allowing my wallet to close properly.
With how I have my routine set up I really have Sundays to go grocery shopping and to get any additional errands done. So I was also tired of going to Target and not finding what I wanted and then having to wait the next week to check if Walmart had them and Walmart did not have them so my next stop was going to be Staples. -_-
At that point I had to face the fact that if I wanted to get some organizing done…I had to do it on my own with what I had at my disposal.
I have an economy sized hole puncher that can probably punch a hole through my fingers! lol.
I also used scissors and an old dog tag chain that I cut once I fit all the cards on.
The rest is history.
Now I have a place to stock my newly obtained Business cards and Membership cards. It’s really important to have cards handy when you need them instead of fishing through every drawer you own just to find that one new hair salon business card you wanted to go to.

And then there is the case of the crazy grocery bag pile.
I brainstormed a solution for those as well! 
I used an empty cylinder oatmeal container and I cut slits into the top of the cover. Then I inter-looped the handles of the grocery bags to each other so that way when you pull out a grocery bag the next one comes out for the next time you need one. 
Here are some pictures.
I was experimenting with lighting.

Final results of all the cutting and stuffing.
All in all, these are inexpensive organizing solutions that I have found and by far they have been working pretty efficiently! 
For the bag holders, you have to be able to maintain discipline and restock the container once it becomes empty! 
Other than that I think it’s awesome.
When I was experimenting with the lighting in the Grocery Bag Organizer picture, which do you guys feel looks better…quality wise??
Also, what homemade organizing solutions have you guys come up with?

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