Oh Come On!! High-Expectations!

I LOVE blogging and really it is sort of my escape. I can come on here and vent if I want to.Today I’m venting about high-expectations and how if you set them too high….you are bound to tumble…hard (every once in a while). I’m a pessimistic type person and when I do tumble I feel like the world is crashing on my head! It takes me a while to stand up, dust my shoulders off and climb back up.

You would think being a pessimist would allow me to brace for falls, but truth be told I do get excited and I do have high-hopes (every once in a while).

For example, When I do end up talking myself into going back to the gym in the A.M. I go for like 3-4 days straight and then one morning I’ll miss a workout.

I seriously feel like I’m a no-good loser!Dave makes me breakfast and I’m like “NOOOO! I’m going to be fat! Because I didn’t workout this morning, so I can’t eat for the whole DAY!!!!”

Boo-hoo-hoo! Cry me a river! I’m so whiny sometimes, it’s not okay.

My point this morning is….being pessimistic SUCKS. Setting high-expectations is good, but you must remember that with those expectations comes a few tumble. Do NOT and I mean it! Do not falter and don’t take days or hours to get back up, take a minute or two and snap out of it.


P.S. — Are you an optimist or a pessimist? I want to hear your stories and your opinions! =)


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