Keep your Enemies Close, but your Classmates Closer

I really like finding Nursing School articles. I think that with more knowledge comes power.
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How to Become Close with Your Classmates in Nursing School

Posted On: September 4,2013 | Written By: Kendall Kilander

build relationships in nursing schoolWe know nursing school is tough, but you’ll find strength in numbers. In Olivet Nazarene University’s accelerated nursing program, you’ll travel through the 16-month program with the same group of classmates (your cohort). You’ll spend a lot of time with your fellow nursing students, so we’ve come up with three ways in which you can become closer with them.

1. Introduce yourself to as many other students as possible.

Don’t wait for someone else to approach you. Take the initiative to reach out to the other students in your cohort. Throughout nursing school, no one will be able to relate to you better than your classmates. Chances are people in your cohort will have had many different life experiences. You won’t want to miss out on all of the valuable insights that your classmates have to contribute.

2. Form study groups outside of class.

Our nursing faculty will be available to answer your questions throughout all of your nursing courses, but your classmates are also a great resource! The best way to study is to teach someone else. Take turns teaching tough concepts to the other members in your study group. If you can correctly and thoroughly explain the course material to your classmates, you’ll be well prepared for any exam. Remember, everyone can benefit from group study, even if you usually prefer to study alone, and time spent with a group should not replace individual study.

3. Take interest in your classmates’ lives outside of nursing school.

This last tip is to help you connect with your classmates. You’re going to want the support of your cohort. But, it’s a two-way street. Take an interest in their lives outside of nursing school. Whether you’re a recent college grad or an adult learner, nursing school isn’t easy. You’ll seek the support of your classmates. Between your coursework, clinicals and study groups, you’ll spend a lot of time with your classmates. You should make an effort to get to know each other personally.


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