Pinned It then Did It + Craft Fail

The pinned it, did it bug has been going around and it bit me!
Just like the flu bug bit me! (dang bugs).
During the Holiday season I was a pinterest pinning machine. I was ripping through those boards looking for inspiration for Christmas gifts and Christmas yum yums to bake.
The whole time I’m saying to myself “yep! I’m going to do that!” “I’m definetly doing this one!”
 uh huh! right!!
When Christmas rolled around I think I made one pie…lol.
So when I was weeding through the Chow Time Board on my Pinterest I came across an awesome snack that I could take to work with and munch on.
 The Bugle Bites!
They are so cute and easy to make!
Although it was suppose to be Christmas treat I turned it into a Valentine’s Day treat. Mainly because Walmart was only selling pink and red Valentine M&Ms.

I brought these bad boys to work and we ate the heck out of these! 
Oh yeah nail it, no fail here! 
Speaking of no fail! Go to Craft Fail for some greaaattt great laughs!

Next I’ll try something harder….and probably fail! lol.

Please tell me what your craft fails have been.


DIY Recipe Book

I’ve been giving my old recipe book the “stink” for so long and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to revamp it! It looked so bland and plain Jane!
You know old fashioned binder…nothing more.
 I scoured through my closet and saw that I hadn’t used all my scrapbook paper while making my mom her Mother’s Day gift. I had some floral print pages that I thought would look nice on a recipe book.

I had to cut down the paper so it would fit in the cover and back cover. I also had to cut it down so that the dividers would fit in the print. I made the tabs by printing the names of the subjects and sticking it on the DIY tabs I conjured up.

 {By the way I’m watching the Rock on Monday Night Raw and he is too funny}

To get the tabs attached the dividers I stapled them together…you could use tape or glue.
Hey, do you have a recipe book and how did you doll it up?