20 {Must-Have} Pieces for Your Closet {pt. 1}

20 musthave pieces

About a week ago I had to go to an event that required me to get all dolled up. However, I was panicking trying to get an outfit together instead of enjoying myself. 
Ugghhh! I forgot how stressful last minute shopping was. While I was rummaging through my closet (and the clothes I just bought) all I kept saying to myself was “I wish I already the clothes I needed…” or “I need more basic pieces…”
So as of now I’ve been cultivating individual basic necessities.
These basics can be matched and paired to make a great outfit for the office, or the night out on the town.

 2—>Fitted Button-Ups {at least one white}

Right now I own a baby blue and a pink and white pin-striped button-up. I have yet purchase a white one (which is key in the business world). Plus it will go with most things in your closet. 

2—> Pointed-Toe Heels {at least one black}
My black pair of pointed heels have done right by me. When I don’t know what to wear I grab those and go! You can wear them to class presentations, work, or when you go out to a party. Black pointed-toe heels are simple, chic  and go with many things in your closet. Trust me I know.
1—> Fitted Black Skirt
Or pencil skirt, either one or both is alright. I have yet to find a perfect pencil skirt, but I’m so on the search to find one.
2—> Slacks {one black}
This goes with anything, and I mean anything in your closet. Always have a pair of black bottoms handy in case of emergencies and to wear to work.
1—> Cropped slacks
For the summer a cropped (fitted) pair of slacks always does well with a nice top. I have a pair of high waist cropped pants and I grab the pair and go.
2—> Wrap Dresses {one black}

Wrap dresses fit around your waist and have an awesome way of accentuating ones figure in the loveliest of way! Buying a black one is even better. If you don’t own a “little black dress,” then this could be your little black dress.


We’ll have fun when the clock strikes one!!

New Year’s Eve/ Day is around the CORNER {insert booty shaking here}

One, Two, Three O’clock, Four O’clock rock,
Five, Six, Seven O’clock, Eight O’clock rock.
Nine, Ten, Eleven O’clock, Twelve O’clock rock,
We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight.
Put your glad rags on and join me hon’,
We’ll have fun when the clock strikes one!!

I love pushing forward into the new year! It’s so damn refreshing and on New Year’s Eve I look back for the last and then I look forward to looking forward to the future {ya like my play on words lol}

For me I’m so ready for the changes that I will be making in 2013.

Now to the fun stuff! My friend has invited me and Dave over to celebrate like last year’s get together. I really hope this turns into a tradition because I really do love having and making traditions.

Some Outfit Inspo Below

New Year's

Pair any of the dresses with a cute pair of tights…


and a cardigan or blazer to keep you warm from the chilly weather

Blazers or cardigans

I’m Lovin’ It

I woke up Sunday super crank-tastic!
I blamed it on my cold and sinus headache. But then while I got ready for mass I realized that there are a lot of things in my life that are good right now and that there is no reason to be all rude and what not.

{By the way Pandora’s Lana Del Rey radio station is a great uplifting station} 
Any who I thought of all the things am I satisfied with and the things that I should appreciate at this moment in time. Sometimes it’s hard for me to be thankful with what I have because I am the type of girl that is always trying to reach and reach for more!

I also blame others for my problems….not so great of me, but it is the truth and I’m working on fixing it =/
Here are some things that I’m satisfied with

I know I know! You were expecting a list less superficial, but I eh! I wanted to post on all the things I’m glad I cam across so far, at this current moment.

I Said Burrr! It’s Cold in Here!!

The Windy City is not the place to fool around when it’s snowing outside!
However, I knew it would be smart to leave an extra scarf (that I had been looking for for weeks) and a pair of gloves (that I forgot I even had) in my car.
I got in my car all mad at the weather and then I look in the back seat and saw my gloves and scarf! You should of seen my face I was sooo happy to have misplaced them in my car!

Since the weather has been getting lower and lower, I feel like my winter wardrobe needs to become larger and larger.
So here are some of must-have items for keeping warm and staying stylish at the same time.
Staying stylish while it’s cold outside is my own little way of letting mother nature know she doesn’t own me….well maybe just a little! hehe!

Yes Corduroys! Do you remember when you were younger and your mom or dad put you in a pair of these bad boys? Well that’s because they kept you warm. 
I use to head out the door on my way to school and in my head I’d conjure up a way to tell my mom that never ever in a million years will I wear another pair of corduroys. 
Fast forward 15 years and I’m planning on making a quick corduroy run! 
 I really like the boot-cut ones! (very slimming).
Chunky sweaters…mmmm! lol.
You guys I enjoy comfort, but if you can find comfort and style you better believe I’m ob that bandwagon. Plus I get to wear my boots and leggings with them! (^_^)
The cowl neck sweaters has managed to creep its way back into trend. Just like those corduroys.
I love love loveee Fair Isle Prints. I don’t really think I could pull off the fair isle leggings, but I think they look so cute when I see them on other people. So I admire from afar. The mittens, hats, socks and cardigans are my favorites though!
At work I’ve eyed a particular faux fur vest for months and months. I really do like how they look. Its so chic, I love it! I always love the fur scarf. 
You can really find just about anything that is trendy with a bit of faux fur on it. 
My red puffer vest has done well by me this Winter so far and I really want to paint my closet with the rainbow and buy a puffer vest in every color! lol. Seriously, I put on my vest and then my coat and by the time I actually get seated in class I get so hot. Because I have my vest on I can take off my coat and remain warm during class.
I think Lace is just a timeless trend that should always linger in your closet. I have a lace sweater that I love. When it gets cold out I put a long sleeve shirt under and when it gets hot out I put a cami under it. The sweater in translucent there the lacing and bright colors really make the outfit pop!

20 {Must-Have} Pieces for Your Closet {pt. 2}

I kept pushing this post back because I was am a procrastinator! Yeesh!

I was going through my closet and throwing away what I don’t wear anymore because I bought it thinking one day I will wear it.
 Ha! right!
This is part two to the 20 {Must-Have} Pieces for your closet {pt. 1} that I feel I need to complete my wardrobe.
I have a few of these things in my closet right now. I’m getting there leisurely, but surely!
I have a black trench coat, a pair of boot-cut jeans, skinny jeans, a black and a white cardigan…yep! That would be all of it! lol.
Oh and I threw out a paur of black flats (that I really loved).
Dave did enough cajoling (and the weather convinced me) and I eventually part with them.
What I realllllly want are a pair of Stubbs and Wootton Slippers.
I had to pin my dream pair to my 2013 Wishlist. That’s how much I want them! 😉

1 | Little Black
1 | Trench Coat 
3 | Blue Jeans 
2 | Cardigan Sweater 
1 | Set of Pearls 
1 | Pair of Diamond or Cubic Studs 
1 | Pair of Flats

What do you guys have in your closet? What must-have article of clothing do you want to add to your closet?

Apres Ski

Lately, there has been some talk about Apres (insert European accent) Ski mostly from Allison V. and her Friday Fancy this upcoming Friday.
 I myself have never gone skiing, but one can dream can’t they?
 Apres (accent over the e) means after and Apres is when the skiing is done there is fun to be done!
Drinking and enjoying the company of your friends is an Apres Ski event to some and going out and clubbing for others.
When I see pictures of Apres Ski I usually see a lot of friends drinking and hanging out on couches. Every once in a while I see a few dashes of clubbing and party pictures!
However, if you read many description of Apres Ski you’ll find that it’s mainly about clubbing so of course in my world I visualize women getting super dolled up heels and all. 

Apres in my eyes is a bit glamorous then what it truly may be.

Apres according to Jen:

It is said that at Aspen Ski Resort you are really pampered here! They bring you breakfast and make you feel at home! 
Aspen sounds like that one place in my dreams  that I keep dreaming of!…oh wait that’s paradise!
If you are a novice at skiing Mt. Jackson Hole Ski Resort is probably not where you want to start! However, if you are advanced on the other hand you should definitely visit.  
It use to be that any old joe schmo would Telluride Ski Resort, but these days it looks like celebrities are the ones filling out this resort!
Maybe I’ll see Jason Statham, if then I’ll be packing my bags in….3.25 seconds! 
hehe ; ) ; )
A lot of college student visit these places during Spring Break since during the long hard semester we are normally swamped!
It’s a great way to relieve some stress, try something new and Apres Ski!!!
I would most likely consider going skiing over Spring Break! I’ve learned something new and now I soooo want try it out!! I’m excited now. 
I already have my Coldwave Jacket on deck! lol
Any who I think if I do go Aspen may be the place for me!
How about you guys, where would you go to Apres Ski? And have you gone skiing before?