Mood Busting #001 | During The Commute

  Mood Busting #001 | During The Commute



My one hour commute from school to home 85% of the time squanders my mood. It flat out stinks! It ruins the fact that I’m happy to be leaving campus and going home. BOOOO to commuting.

Commute Buster | Play Some Music

By the time I get home, I’m pissed and too unmotivated to do anything. On this one day however, I looked up “feel good” playlists on Spotify. I had tons of results pop up and I added them all (and later deleted the “weakest links”). Yes! Eureka!! Finally, a variety of music that kept things different every now  and again!Spotify is not the only mood busting tool for a commute. Pandora is awesome as well. It also does a great job of adding a variety of music to the long (STRESSFUL) drive.

Commute Buster | Just Listen

Somehow, I came across the idea of listening to podcasts. I have different playlists that I listen to depending on the mood. My comedy pods are for when I want to laugh. I’ll listen to class related pods when I’m crunched for studying time.

Commute Buster | Make Small Talk

l_140This last point may sound a little kray kray, but honestly making small talk with yourself in your head or outside of your head helps a ton.

…Oh, and breathe,

I know it works for me. When I focus on taking deep inhales and exhales I tend to forget about the fact that someone is tailgating me like a crazy loony person.

         ☮ ✝ ♡


Low Porosity Wishlist

Okay so I have decided to post every Tuesday and Thursday and focus the other days of the on other social medias for my blog.
Winter break has ended and I am trying to switch things up to see what fits better in my schedule. Plus, I got a new job and I ‘m no longer part-time, but full-time. So I’m trying to balance everything out.

On a better note….

I recently discovered that I have a low porous hair type.
And that’s when the light bulb hit me! All these years my hair has not been able to retain moisture and this is exactly why!!….I think!
I want to go ahead and try each of these products as soon I can get a hold of them and see if I can see or feel any differences.
I’m hoping that is feels softer and more manageable.

Huetiful Steamer | Heat
To be used on pre-poo days, co-wash days and typical washing days
Giovanni 50/50 Balenced Hair Moisturizer | Deep Conditioning
To be used for deep conditioning after the Huetiful Steamer
Baking Soda | Cuticle Lifter
To be used in order to open up my cuticles so that the conditioner gets into the hair
Aloe Vera Juice | Cuticle Sealer
To be used when resealing the hair cuticle after being lifted after the baking soda
Bentonite Clay | Clarifying Shampoo
To be used in getting rid and cleansing your hair and scalp of dirt and build up
Shea Moisture Enhancing Curl Smoothie | Water Based Moisturizer 
To be used on my freshly wet hair
Glycerin | Humectants
To be used to draw out moisture on humid days so that my hair doesn’t puff up
Grapeseed Oil | Light Oil
To be used because low porous hair is sensitive to heavy oils such as coconut oil

What type of hair do you have low porosity, high porosity or normal porosity?