Mood Busting #001 | During The Commute

  Mood Busting #001 | During The Commute



My one hour commute from school to home 85% of the time squanders my mood. It flat out stinks! It ruins the fact that I’m happy to be leaving campus and going home. BOOOO to commuting.

Commute Buster | Play Some Music

By the time I get home, I’m pissed and too unmotivated to do anything. On this one day however, I looked up “feel good” playlists on Spotify. I had tons of results pop up and I added them all (and later deleted the “weakest links”). Yes! Eureka!! Finally, a variety of music that kept things different every now  and again!Spotify is not the only mood busting tool for a commute. Pandora is awesome as well. It also does a great job of adding a variety of music to the long (STRESSFUL) drive.

Commute Buster | Just Listen

Somehow, I came across the idea of listening to podcasts. I have different playlists that I listen to depending on the mood. My comedy pods are for when I want to laugh. I’ll listen to class related pods when I’m crunched for studying time.

Commute Buster | Make Small Talk

l_140This last point may sound a little kray kray, but honestly making small talk with yourself in your head or outside of your head helps a ton.

…Oh, and breathe,

I know it works for me. When I focus on taking deep inhales and exhales I tend to forget about the fact that someone is tailgating me like a crazy loony person.

         ☮ ✝ ♡