Natural Cleaning

As a college student it is hard to just go out and buy cleaning supplies. After a while these products add up and as soon as you know it you’ve spent a crap ton.
However, if you use material you already have cleaning becomes convenient and cheap.

Homemade Kitchen Cleaning

Stop, Drop, & Organize [no.2: Resume and Cover Letter]

Stop, drop, and organize

We all know that our ability to speak or our lively personalities will not be the only factor getting us that job. In order to even get that interview an impressive resume must be in order. If you don’t know where to start you can see counselor or a school adviser. I sat down with the internship adviser at my school and she was very thorough with me.
Your resume is more like your first impression. You have to put yourself in an employer’s situation. If you have 100+ resumes to read how would you pry through all the applications and resumes? Most read some and some read most. (hehe). But seriously don’t assume that the employer will read the entire resume.
Did you know companies that receive a multitude of applications run a computer program that scans resumes for the same keywords they used in the job description. So when you write your cover letter use the same keywords that the company has used in the job description.

Resume and Cover Letter

Name and Contact Info
Include all your basic information and your blog or website as well. Make sure that before submitting your blog information you have all typos and errors cut out.
Right after you contact information include main highlights of your career so far. If you don’t have any yet just include highlights of jobs that you’ve worked while going to school.
Here is where you will type universities or colleges that you have attended. Also include the major that you were or are pursuing. It is also good to mention any workshops, semminars, or courses that you have taken that are related to your career.
Include keywords that were used in the job descriptions of the jobs you are interested in. If you don’t have any keywords off the top of your head do some searchin’ and find some words. When you do this do not go over-board when putting them in your resume.
Employment History
Begin with the most recent job position and then work your way down. Mention any accomplishments during each position. If you have none then do not include one for that job. It is important to showcase your skills, awards and achievements.
Professional Memberships and Interests
Mention all of your volunteer work, and hobbies. This is where you want to show the company that you are a well-rounded individual.

The Mega TWENTY-THIRTEEN To-Do List/Agenda

Damn how I love starting over in a new year! Refreshing right? 
I know people say don’t look back at your past, but to look towards your future. I like to look back at my past to learn and correct what I didn’t like. 
Hopefully this 2013 agenda will keep me on track and help me to focus on my priorities. Like Carly (The College Prepster) said in her 2013 Agenda post, I won’t neglect my other priorities while focusing specific task.
JanuaryEducation The beginning of classes will start here soon and it is important for me to start strong! It is way way way waayyy easier to stay on leveled ground than to try and catch up. It’s like climbing a mountain with a heavy a** weight on your back. So my goal for January is to strongly focus on my school work. Not saying after January I’ll chuck school off to the side and forget about it.
FebruarySketching One of my goals from my 101 in 1001 is to sketch 10 and submit all of them to SketchStreet and by having this on my agenda will allow me to get those sketches done… well at least some of them done.
MarchRelationship I want to patch a few dry areas up in my family and reconnect. Family is important to me and in March hopefully we can patch things up 😉
AprilStyle I have honestly lost touch with my fashion sense. I use to awesome at shopping my closet and throwing things together. When college started I got really lazy with piecing together outfits that when I would get back home I would not know what to wear when I would go out with friends. So I want to replenish my wardrobe and compile all the necessities putting together outfits.
MayExercise I use to workout all the time and all of a sudden it came to a halt =(. It’s time to get back in that gym and I would like to run a few 5ks. I want to get active again because it made me a happier person when I was exercising on a daily basis. Who doesn’t want to be happy!? Plus, when I was running and doing more cardio, yoga, swimming and pilates I was less dependent on coffee. I had natural energy from the workouts.
June..Skills There are things I would like to learn and would like to do that are out of my wanted profession. But what’s wrong with fine tuning hobbies that you enjoy? I want to take some photography classes and a couple fashion design classes. Doing those two things would most definitely make my year.
JulyWriting I love to write, I really do and that’s why I love this blog. I can express myself here. However, I would like to take it a step further and solely work on a project I have going on during this month. 
AugustStyle I put style down again because during August I want to polish up my blogging style. I want to make sure that I’m blogging better and I would like to cultivate my own style. Everyone has their own niche and I know that I have mine. I want to find my niche and pour it into my blog for display.
SeptemberReflection This is my birthday month and I think it is important to reflect on the good and bad ways you have changed. I want keep the good changes and dispose of all the bad habits that have stuck around or bad habits that were newly acquired.
OctoberReading It makes me so happy when I reach the end of a book…sometimes it makes me sad {lol}. I like jumping into a story that is totally different from those lives around me or from the settings around me. With school work and work I make excuse to not read and I know that I can make more time to complete more books instead of reading half of a novel and putting it down. I would also like to finish reading the books on my bookshelf. I have a bad habit of purchasing books that I want to read and not completing them.
NovemberExploration When I was living with my parents we never really explored the city of Chicago. So this month I want to step out and view the city. I want to go to a few museums, go to Soldier Field or just        plain ‘ol explore the city. I think it’s the time to venture out. Chicago isn’t the only place I want to explore I want to see ballets, go to more concerts and see at least one Broadway show. I’ve always wanted to go to Times Square. In this month I would like to plan these outings and commit to them.
DecemberGiving At times I lose site of what Chistmas is all about. I want to give to my friends, my family and the charity that I use to give to when I was younger. I loved the feeling of giving and seeing how affects those that I have given to. 
Do you guys have an agenda for the New Year {2013}? What is on your agenda?

Low Porosity Wishlist

Okay so I have decided to post every Tuesday and Thursday and focus the other days of the on other social medias for my blog.
Winter break has ended and I am trying to switch things up to see what fits better in my schedule. Plus, I got a new job and I ‘m no longer part-time, but full-time. So I’m trying to balance everything out.

On a better note….

I recently discovered that I have a low porous hair type.
And that’s when the light bulb hit me! All these years my hair has not been able to retain moisture and this is exactly why!!….I think!
I want to go ahead and try each of these products as soon I can get a hold of them and see if I can see or feel any differences.
I’m hoping that is feels softer and more manageable.

Huetiful Steamer | Heat
To be used on pre-poo days, co-wash days and typical washing days
Giovanni 50/50 Balenced Hair Moisturizer | Deep Conditioning
To be used for deep conditioning after the Huetiful Steamer
Baking Soda | Cuticle Lifter
To be used in order to open up my cuticles so that the conditioner gets into the hair
Aloe Vera Juice | Cuticle Sealer
To be used when resealing the hair cuticle after being lifted after the baking soda
Bentonite Clay | Clarifying Shampoo
To be used in getting rid and cleansing your hair and scalp of dirt and build up
Shea Moisture Enhancing Curl Smoothie | Water Based Moisturizer 
To be used on my freshly wet hair
Glycerin | Humectants
To be used to draw out moisture on humid days so that my hair doesn’t puff up
Grapeseed Oil | Light Oil
To be used because low porous hair is sensitive to heavy oils such as coconut oil

What type of hair do you have low porosity, high porosity or normal porosity?

DIY Recipe Book

I’ve been giving my old recipe book the “stink” for so long and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to revamp it! It looked so bland and plain Jane!
You know old fashioned binder…nothing more.
 I scoured through my closet and saw that I hadn’t used all my scrapbook paper while making my mom her Mother’s Day gift. I had some floral print pages that I thought would look nice on a recipe book.

I had to cut down the paper so it would fit in the cover and back cover. I also had to cut it down so that the dividers would fit in the print. I made the tabs by printing the names of the subjects and sticking it on the DIY tabs I conjured up.

 {By the way I’m watching the Rock on Monday Night Raw and he is too funny}

To get the tabs attached the dividers I stapled them together…you could use tape or glue.
Hey, do you have a recipe book and how did you doll it up?

Stop, Drop, & Organize [no.3: Your 5-year Plan]

Stop, drop, and organize

When learned that my five year plan could be organized at first I felt intimated by the thought!

Organize my five year plan!? Do I even have a five year plan? Yes, and if you don’t have one you should take some one on one time a devise one.
Five years isn’t too far away once you starting hammering away at your plan. But first I thought if your 5-yr plan isn’t organized things can be a bit shaky.

The Five-Year Plan

The Career Plan 
In 5 years I want to be working in a hospital and actually have a steady job. Five years from now I hope to have my BSN. I don’t just want to stop there I want to keep pushing and get licensed in pediatrics. The last stop would be Neonatalogy. However, in 5 years I know that that won’t be attainable. I do know that I am striving for my BSN.
Family Life
I want my family life with Dave to proceed in the direction it is going. I am happy with where we are in our relationship. When it comes to my family that is where I would like to focus and adjust. 5 years from now I am totally aiming for total resolution between everyone!
Social Life
Dipping my hand into an organization is a good thing to do and by five years I want to participate on a consistent basis and frqequently as well. I like Phi-Theta-Kappa and I would like to continue to participate in the events that they hold. I would also like to interact and find people with the same hobbies, or goals that I encompass. It is always nice to meet people with the same hopes and dreams as you.
Living Situation
My goal for 5 years from now would be to have my home decorated and organized the way I want it. With Military you know where you are going to end up so as for the five year goal…you never know.
Financial Situation
In 5 years from now I will like my credit score to be at an awesome number and cancel my credit card. I would also like to be debt free at 27 years old. I want to have a savings account where I have not had to touch or withdraw from it.

Do you have a 5 year plan? What is on your 5 year plan? 

Stop, Drop, & Organize [no.4: Business Card & Grocery Bag]

Stop, drop, and organize

I’ve been looking and searching, searching and looking for somewhere to put all the business cards that aren’t allowing my wallet to close properly.
With how I have my routine set up I really have Sundays to go grocery shopping and to get any additional errands done. So I was also tired of going to Target and not finding what I wanted and then having to wait the next week to check if Walmart had them and Walmart did not have them so my next stop was going to be Staples. -_-
At that point I had to face the fact that if I wanted to get some organizing done…I had to do it on my own with what I had at my disposal.
I have an economy sized hole puncher that can probably punch a hole through my fingers! lol.
I also used scissors and an old dog tag chain that I cut once I fit all the cards on.
The rest is history.
Now I have a place to stock my newly obtained Business cards and Membership cards. It’s really important to have cards handy when you need them instead of fishing through every drawer you own just to find that one new hair salon business card you wanted to go to.

And then there is the case of the crazy grocery bag pile.
I brainstormed a solution for those as well! 
I used an empty cylinder oatmeal container and I cut slits into the top of the cover. Then I inter-looped the handles of the grocery bags to each other so that way when you pull out a grocery bag the next one comes out for the next time you need one. 
Here are some pictures.
I was experimenting with lighting.

Final results of all the cutting and stuffing.
All in all, these are inexpensive organizing solutions that I have found and by far they have been working pretty efficiently! 
For the bag holders, you have to be able to maintain discipline and restock the container once it becomes empty! 
Other than that I think it’s awesome.
When I was experimenting with the lighting in the Grocery Bag Organizer picture, which do you guys feel looks better…quality wise??
Also, what homemade organizing solutions have you guys come up with?