The Elite Ebony’s Book Club

Brought to you by the one and only…ME! I’m probably the ONLY one in this book club! lol.
Oh well!
It’s alright because I’m almost the slowest reader out there or maybe because I have to read damn near one chapter per subject per day.
I mean really that’s past my word count quota! So when I get home and I’m done with studying I’m really contemplating whether or not I want to crack open the novel I’ve been trying to get done for almost two months or do I want to finish watching Grey’s Anatomy I started watching on Netflix?
Come on brain take your pick!
No, but seriously I do enough reading the books I pick out or the books from my other Goodreads Book Club.

Mocha Girls Read:

Mocha Girls Read

I like this club because they have themes and I can nominate and vote for the books I like.

I’m such a slow reader that I’m still reading the book from December’s Book Club hasn’t been completed and the January book from Mocha Girls Read book is only 1/4 of the way through.


Alright Alright!
Time for book of February:
Brought to you by Mocha Girls Read Parable of the Sower