DIY Recipe Book

I’ve been giving my old recipe book the “stink” for so long and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to revamp it! It looked so bland and plain Jane!
You know old fashioned binder…nothing more.
 I scoured through my closet and saw that I hadn’t used all my scrapbook paper while making my mom her Mother’s Day gift. I had some floral print pages that I thought would look nice on a recipe book.

I had to cut down the paper so it would fit in the cover and back cover. I also had to cut it down so that the dividers would fit in the print. I made the tabs by printing the names of the subjects and sticking it on the DIY tabs I conjured up.

 {By the way I’m watching the Rock on Monday Night Raw and he is too funny}

To get the tabs attached the dividers I stapled them together…you could use tape or glue.
Hey, do you have a recipe book and how did you doll it up?