Stop, Drop, & Organize [no.3: Your 5-year Plan]

Stop, drop, and organize

When learned that my five year plan could be organized at first I felt intimated by the thought!

Organize my five year plan!? Do I even have a five year plan? Yes, and if you don’t have one you should take some one on one time a devise one.
Five years isn’t too far away once you starting hammering away at your plan. But first I thought if your 5-yr plan isn’t organized things can be a bit shaky.

The Five-Year Plan

The Career Plan 
In 5 years I want to be working in a hospital and actually have a steady job. Five years from now I hope to have my BSN. I don’t just want to stop there I want to keep pushing and get licensed in pediatrics. The last stop would be Neonatalogy. However, in 5 years I know that that won’t be attainable. I do know that I am striving for my BSN.
Family Life
I want my family life with Dave to proceed in the direction it is going. I am happy with where we are in our relationship. When it comes to my family that is where I would like to focus and adjust. 5 years from now I am totally aiming for total resolution between everyone!
Social Life
Dipping my hand into an organization is a good thing to do and by five years I want to participate on a consistent basis and frqequently as well. I like Phi-Theta-Kappa and I would like to continue to participate in the events that they hold. I would also like to interact and find people with the same hobbies, or goals that I encompass. It is always nice to meet people with the same hopes and dreams as you.
Living Situation
My goal for 5 years from now would be to have my home decorated and organized the way I want it. With Military you know where you are going to end up so as for the five year goal…you never know.
Financial Situation
In 5 years from now I will like my credit score to be at an awesome number and cancel my credit card. I would also like to be debt free at 27 years old. I want to have a savings account where I have not had to touch or withdraw from it.

Do you have a 5 year plan? What is on your 5 year plan?