Motivational Monday (OLD: 4|8|2013)

It is Monday once again! 
Push it til Friday, that is all I can saw. We can’t pause or “park” along the way. 
My cousin’s wedding is this Saturday and the preparing for the event is taxing me out. 
With conjuring up the money to go, talking to my teacher about missing class and clinical, and then coming up with the money for the nursing course has been weighing me down, but I have to get it all done! No stops along the way. No Way! 

Let’s get this week done!!!
1-2-3! Ready! Break!


Motivational Monday (OLD: 10|15|2013)

The Master Goals Sheer helps you to build up your goals. This allows you to chart out all the goals (in total) that you would like to accomplish. What I love about this sheet is that it allows you to write all your goals out and allows you to create a plan that will help you to get back on track.
Setting your goals
This sheet will let you analyze the goals you individually. I love that it lets you write all the steps needed in accomplishing that specific goal. Plus, you can write down a reward that will help in motivating you to reaching that main goal.
Mini Goals

What I did was print these out from Get Buttoned Up and added them to my planner.

This was an easy way to check up on my goals daily.

Care to Share?
How do you write out your goals?
How do you motivate yourself when trying to attain your goals?